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Distinguishing Facts from Myths about the Guaranteed Home Selling Program

Perform a quick search on "Guaranteed Home Sale Programs," and you'll encounter a slew of defamatory remarks designed to mislead unsuspecting consumers. Who is behind these deceitful tactics? If your assumption is the competition, you're spot on! Unable to provide such assurances themselves due to a lack of a proven track record or performance, or perhaps a fundamental misunderstanding, they resort to spreading unfounded negativity. Stay clear of these pessimistic opinions and rely on reputable sources for accurate information about guaranteed home sale programs.

Revealing the Truth Behind Guaranteed Home Sale Programs

Have you come across the concept of a Guaranteed Home Sale Program? According to UpCounsel, the world's leading network of independent lawyers, it is defined as follows:

“A guaranteed sale is where a real estate agent agrees to purchase a property from the seller for a specific amount if it goes unsold for a certain time period. This type of contract provides peace of mind for home sellers by giving them a specific deadline by which their homes will be sold and for how much. This helps them avoid the limbo of searching for a new home while trying to sell their former property.”

This is not only legal but a legitimate and beneficial opportunity.

The Myth: The Listing Agent Dictates Your Home’s Asking Price – Not You

The Reality

At Reeds Real Estate, we pledge to prioritize your needs. We guarantee that you will determine a mutually agreed-upon price with your agent before signing any contract. This commitment is documented in writing!

The Myth: Employing Deceptive Advertising Strategies to Mislead

The Reality

Our program is designed to inform and empower our sellers, ensuring they fully comprehend the terms before making a decision. We aim for our customers to feel confident that this program suits their unique needs. If it doesn't, our reliable real estate agents can explore alternative options.

The Myth: Real Estate Agents Offering Guaranteed Sales Programs Lack a Proven Track Record

The Reality

At Reeds Real Estate, your success is always our priority—but don't just take our word for it! Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about us.

Discover More About Your Home Being Sold at YOUR Price, Guaranteed

If you're seeking a quick sale for your home at a price that suits you, look no further! Reeds Real Estate Team has prepared an exclusive special report, "Your Home Sold at Your Price Guaranteed," just for YOU. This free resource will help streamline the moving process and make it as stress-free as possible. Contact us to explore how our team can ensure your home is off the market with guaranteed satisfaction!

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