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Join the esteemed Reeds Real Estate Sales Team and become a valued member of our professional community! We are currently seeking a licensed team member with a minimum of 5 prior real estate transactions to join our distinguished team.

At Reeds Real Estate, our agents specialize in selling homes and maximizing earnings. Forget about leads – we provide all the customers you need! You have the potential to earn $100,000 over the next 12 months, or I will pay the difference in cash!* Enjoy complimentary instant access and boost your income by 300% without compromising your personal life.

What you can anticipate:

For further insights into transforming your real estate career, complete the form or call (757) 210-5836.

Dramatically enhance your net income, guaranteed!* Don't hesitate! There's no commitment, and I'm eager to meet you!

Our Exclusive Presentation Unveils Strategies to Attract a Consistent Flow of High-Quality Buyers and Sellers with Reeds Real Estate (As Many As You Can Expertly Manage)

Reeds Real Estate is acknowledged as an award-winning real estate company filled with potential buyers and sellers. We are actively searching for a motivated, people-friendly agent to assist these prospects!

No Cold Calling, No Manual Grunt Prospecting – Dedicate Your Time to Actual Selling!

My team and I are inundated with buyers and sellers looking to make transactions 35% above the market area average price point and are eager to move immediately. With more prospects than we can handle, we need your expertise!

Can you assist these motivated prospects?

If you excel at managing buyers and sellers, are a dedicated, hardworking individual who prefers selling over cold-calling or manual grunt prospecting, you could be the exceptional sales partner we are looking to bring on board.

Attend our comprehensive hour-long presentation to see how Reeds Real Estate attracts exceptional buyer and seller prospects and seamlessly connects them with you. No obligations, and I'm confident you'll be impressed by the multitude and quality of buyers and sellers reaching out to us daily. They are positioned at a higher than average price point, ready to make a move, and eagerly awaiting your assistance.

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