Your Referrals Help Our Community!

Through our "GO SERVE BIG" initiative, we are on a mission to raise $15,000. We believe in giving back to our community by donating a portion of each successful transaction we make towards non-profit orgranizations that are near and dear to us.

These two amazing non-profit organizations are Buffalow Family & Friends and The Union Misson Ministries. They do great work by providing food, shelter for our youth and the homeless here within our Hampton Roads.

We are committed to investing in the needs of our community. Through our GO SERVE BIG mission, we donate a portion of our income from real estate sales to very worthy causes.

Union Mission Ministries & Why?

Union Mission Ministries does great work in our community with helping the homeless by providing shelter and food. They are dedicated to helping people overcome their homelessness and giving them a chance to start again. By first providing for their physical needs, then providing jobs and life skills training, and emotional and spiritual counseling, where lives are CHANGED forever. Last year they served over 300,000 meals, 120,000 nights of lodging, they helped over 300 homeless people find new jobs, over 400 homeless people obtain housing, over 280 homeless Veterans were assisted, over 950 homeless people receive medical treatment right here in the Hampton Roads Area and so much more. All this was accomplish with NO funding from federal or state officials BUT only by donations and sponorships.

Buffalow Family And Friends & Why?

Buffalow Family and Friends has established itself as Virginia's most respected servant leader connecting more than hundreds of volunteers who have a desire to help with those need help the most. Whether it's providing Food for the struggling and hungry through its food pantries, preparing hot meals for the needy, providing a place for children to participate in a STEM program and so much more. They are able to offer these services by sponsorships and donations. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty donates a portion of income from real estate sales to Buffalow Family & Friends of Chesapeake to help in their quest to meet the needs of the are needy and helpless people.

Why list your home with Reeds Real Estate?

  • By listing your home with us, you'll take part in making a difference within your community.
  • Reeds Real Estate will make contributions directly to Union Mission Ministries & The Elder's House on your behalf when your home is sold.
  • You not only get the best possible service, you'll also helping The Homeless & The Youth in our community.

Remember, Your Referrals Really Do Help The Homeless

We donate a portion of our income from real estate sales to Union Mission Ministries and The Elders House which are top leading non-profit organizations right here in Hampton Roads. We give to these worthy causes because our goal is to help them continue their quest to meet the needs of the homeless and young people within our community.

So who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to our Real Estate Sales Team? Not only will they benefit from award-winning real estate service we are known for, BUT these worthy causes will benefit as well.

On behalf of our sales team and these amazing non-profit organizations, thank you in advance for your referrals!!!