At Reeds Real Estate, we recognize the complexities involved in deciding whether to buy or sell first, a decision that comes with inherent risks, potentially resulting in ownership of two homes or none at all.

Our Guaranteed Sale Program provides a definitive solution to this dilemma. Prior to listing your home with us, we initiate a comprehensive market analysis. This includes furnishing you with a detailed computerized report featuring comparable home sales and current listings in your area. Together, we establish the market value, along with the guaranteed and list prices. All these details are transparently presented in writing before we commence marketing your home. Consider it a superior, risk-mitigating insurance policy. The written guarantee provides you with the assurance that your home is bound to sell.

In the improbable scenario that your home doesn't sell within the agreed-upon timeframe, we intervene by purchasing your home ourselves at the upfront guaranteed sale price determined collaboratively. Furthermore, if you happen to receive an offer surpassing the guaranteed sale price, you retain the higher offer, not us. We shoulder all the risk, ensuring the sale of your home, and you consistently gain from the highest offer, be it our guaranteed sale price or a superior offer from an external buyer.

Through our Guaranteed Home Sale Program, we offer a pathway to alleviate the common stress and apprehension associated with selling a home – no conditional offers, no emotional turbulence, and no risk of owning two homes. This program enhances the enjoyment of the house-hunting process, providing the certainty that your home is guaranteed to sell.

Why Sell With Us?

Your Home Sold or Reeds Real Estate Will Buy It
The majority of our sellers see their homes sold during the initial listing. In the rare instance that it doesn't happen, we're committed to buying it.
Buyer Database Ready
Within our extensive database, there are thousands of registered users eagerly awaiting the listing of their dream home. Your exact home may be precisely what someone out there is searching for.
Enhancing Your Selling Odds
With a track record of selling numerous homes each month, our team has encountered and successfully navigated various situations. Whatever your circumstance, our expertise positions us to handle it effectively.
Optimal Sale Prices
In comparison to local averages, the homes we sell consistently command higher prices, ensuring more significant returns for you.
Swift Sales
Homes listed by Reeds Real Estate tend to sell approximately 50% faster than those listed by the average agent, ensuring a quicker and more efficient sales process.

Seller Resources

VIP Seller Service
We pride ourselves on regular communication and helping our clients stay up to date with their home selling status. The main way we stay on top of this is with our Automated Client Home Feedback System.
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Online Home Evaluation
If you're contemplating the sale of your home, having a precise understanding of its value is crucial. But how can you determine what your house is truly worth?
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Agent Selection Guide
Before making the decision to list your home, you are likely contemplating the enlistment of a real estate agent for assistance. However, choosing an unreliable and untrustworthy professional could have adverse effects.
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Guaranteed Sale Program
Experience the assurance and peace of mind that comes with our Guaranteed Sale Program. We confidently extend this offer to numerous home sellers like yourself, ensuring a secure and reliable selling process.
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Top Ways to Choose a Realtor
Finding the right real estate agent to sell your home can be challenging, but if maximizing your property's value is your goal, consider these four crucial factors when making your selection.
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City Wide Buyers Agent Network
To elevate your real estate experience, it is crucial to engage the services of a seasoned agent with strong connections to leading professionals in the field.
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