Moving Tips for Parents

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty offers tips for parents moving with children.

3 Strategies for Smooth Moves with Children

Moving can be a challenging time for anyone, and when you have children, there are additional considerations to keep in mind. Transitioning to a new home can be especially tough for kids, who might be saying goodbye to their familiar surroundings. However, there are ways to make the process smoother for everyone involved. Here are three effective strategies to help your family navigate the move with ease:

Introducing Kids to Open Houses: An Exciting Opportunity!

Taking your children along when shopping for a new home can turn the experience into an educational and thrilling adventure. It not only involves them in the decision-making process but also exposes them to different neighborhoods and properties, teaching valuable lessons about budgeting, responsibility, and planning. Make house showings a fun exploration adventure for your kids, providing a positive experience for the whole family.
  • For toddlers under three, extra care and supervision are needed during house visits. Consider leaving them at home for smoother exploration.
  • Children aged three and older can actively participate in the home-buying process, reducing anxiety and confusion while making them more familiar with their new environment.
  • Keep them entertained with activities like a scavenger hunt, counting doors, or exploring the outdoor property.

Refrain from Discarding Children's Outgrown Toys When Packing

Instead of discarding your children's outgrown toys without their input, involve them in the packing process. Have them create three separate piles of toys: those going to the new home, those to be donated to local shelters, and those that need to be disposed of. This way, children have a sense of control over their belongings and can participate in decision-making.
  • Pile 1: Toys to take to the new home.
  • Pile 2: Toys to donate to local shelters or community centers.
  • Pile 3: Irreparable or unsafe toys for disposal.
  • Empower your child by letting them make decisions about their used toys, fostering a sense of autonomy.

Involve the Kids in Decorating Their Bedrooms Before the Move

Engage your children in the process of designing and decorating their new bedrooms before officially moving in. This not only makes the transition smoother but also adds a sense of excitement as they take ownership of their space. Encourage them to choose items that make their new home comforting and enjoyable.
  • Browse stores and websites together for bedding, paint colors, artwork, toys, and games.
  • Let them decide on items that captivate their interest and make them feel secure in their new environment.
  • Consider organizing a farewell party to celebrate the transition.


  • Consistent communication with your child is key throughout the entire moving process, from preparation to settling in.
  • Adaptation to a new environment varies among children, so be patient and provide the support they need.
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