VIP Seller Service

Family learning about Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty's VIP Seller program.

There are some real estate agents who put most of their efforts and attention into listing your home, but after it is listed… not so much. This can be very frustrating for sellers who are seeking frequent updates and regular feedback regarding the progress of selling their home.

Our Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty team prides ourselves on regular communication and helping our clients stay up to date with their home selling status. The main way we stay on top of this is with our Automated Client Home Feedback System. Here is how it works.

The Inner Workings

Our system works by keeping track of every time your home is shown along with the comments that are made about your property. So after a showing, the buyer’s agent is prompted to include their client’s comment about your property and once they are imputed into our system, they can be seen by you immediately. As a VIP seller, you gain private and unlimited access to this system that you can review whenever you wish.

Not only does our system allow you to review feedback on your property, you can also look at the statistics summarizing said feedback, view comments from our team regarding our efforts to sell your home, and email us directly with your questions or concerns.

How Our System Helps You Sell Your Property

By receiving immediate feedback from potential buyers, our team can promptly address any questions or misconceptions that they have about your home. Your property also stays on the forefront of buyer’s minds due to the fact that buyer’s agents are notified immediately when there are any changes regarding your listing, such as pricing changes or when you receive an offer. By notifying buyers of competitive interest, they are often encouraged to submit their offers sooner as well.

Hopefully you can see how our system will help you stay in the loop, sell your home faster, and get top dollar for your listing. If you are interested in taking advantage of this resource and many others, become a VIP Seller by contacting our Reeds Real Estate team today!

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